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O. M. Wilson, PLLC

Protecting Home & Building Legacy

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At O. M. Wilson, PLLC, your case is our priority. We are committed to excellence, and have been successfully representing clients since 2007.  The law firm is dedicated to providing quality, affordable legal assistance.

We represent clients in estate planning, estate administration/probate, foreclosure prevention & defense, and business formation, including nonprofit organizations.

Protecting Home & Building Legacy

With over fifteen years of experience in the practice of law, O. M. Wilson, PLLC is committed to providing excellent legal representation with a focus of professionalism and personal attention to every client's matter.    No legal issue is too simple or small.  It is our mission to provide quality, affordable legal assistance to all of our clients, and especially to those in communities of color or other marginalized communities where securing affordable legal assistance has always been a challenge.

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Estate Planning

Estate and succession planning can be intimidating, complicated, and emotional, but it's very important that it's done with great care and deliberation.  It's vital that you have control over the process so the laws of the state don't control what happens with the legacy that you've worked hard to build for your family.  You can count on us to guide you in every step of the process.  Click here to schedule a consultation.

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