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Practice Areas

With over fifteen years of experience in the practice of law, O. M. Wilson, PLLC is committed to providing excellent legal representation with a focus of professionalism and personal attention to every client's matter.    No legal issue is too simple or small.  It is our mission to provide quality, affordable legal assistance to our clients, especially to those in communities of color or other marginalized communities where securing affordable legal assistance has always been a challenge.  Your case is important to us — read on to learn about our areas of practice and how our law firm may be able to help you.

Estate Planning

Estate and succession planning can be intimidating, complicated, and emotional, but it's very important that it's done with great care and deliberation.  It's vital that you have control over the process so the laws of the state don't control what happens with the legacy that you've worked hard to build for your family.  Lack of estate planning is a leading cause in the loss of hard-earned generational wealth and land, most especially for African American families and other families of color.  Lack of estate planning can also leave your family with crippling financial burdens.  Estate planning can be very expensive, especially for large complex estates, but there is no reason why it can't be affordable for those with less complicated estates.  That's most of us!  Everyone has an estate, no matter how small.  Everyone has someone that loves them.  Gain some priceless peace of mind knowing that you've put a plan in place for your loved ones.   We can help you with all of the essential documents at an affordable cost.  You can count on us to guide you in every step of the process.  Click here to schedule a consultation.

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Heirs Property

Heirs property arises when a property owner passes away without a will.  The owner’s property will be inherited according to the laws of intestate succession.  Generally, the owner's surviving spouse and children will then share ownership.  If the spouse and children also pass without wills, the property could potentially be owned by many people at the same time which is a very unstable way to own property.  Heirs property ownership has especially had a huge negative impact on the ownership of real property in communities of color.  This has resulted in a continuing epidemic of property loss especially in the African American community.  We have thirteen years of experience and expertise necessary to help our clients better manage heirs property, or to avoid creating heirs property. Together, we will establish your goals and align expectations. If you have an interest in real property and you have concerns about it, click here for a consultation.

Foreclosure Prevention & Defense

Foreclosure happens when the borrower violates a term of the mortgage.  This is called default and usually occurs when there is nonpayment or late payments, or when a lien is placed on the property, like homeowners' association fees or late property taxes.  If you feel foreclosure may be coming, don't wait to act.  Call us for assistance.  We will fight for you to prevent the loss of your home and land.  You deserve affordable legal assistance to save your property that you've worked so hard to acquire.  Click here to schedule a consultation.

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Real Property Issues & Disputes

Real property ownership comes with many positive aspects.  Other than providing the comfort of home and community, it can also help build wealth, provide some tax benefits, and establish or sustain a family legacy.  Sometimes, however, you may be faced with challenges along the way like difficulty accessing your land or a possible boundary dispute with a neighboring property owner.  Sometimes, a situation may even arise that questions or endangers the security of your title to your property.  If you have any of these kinds of concerns or issues with your property, and you would like assistance exploring your options, click here to schedule a consultation.

Business Entity Formation

Forming a business entity is an effective way to launch your entrepreneurial dreams while protecting yourself from liability.  It's also a practical method to manage and maintain heirs property.   Click here to schedule a consultation if you would like help walking through the process and giving your dreams flight to success.

Open For Business

All Information provided on our website is general in nature and for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. An attorney-client relationship is not created unless you contact us and retain our services. In order to inquire about retaining the services of the O. M. Wilson, PLLC, please contact our office by phone or email or click here to schedule a consultation.

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